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  • GmbH

    The GmbH is a renowned global company, which provides innovative and POS solutions, for both individuals and organizations. Due to its special positioning, the company is able to offer combined or individual IT solutions.

    With GmbH, you are able to purchase, rent or lease hardware and services from a centralized location. Purchasing services and hardware from one supplier comes with several advantages, including easy follow-up in case of an issue. Whether you are looking for POS solutions or any form of IT solutions, this IT company is ready for you. The company provides tailor made solutions for franchises, SMES, organizations, and individuals.

    Solutions GmbH provides a wide range of solutions to its global clients. Whether you are an individual business owner or corporation, this company has solutions for your IT needs. Some of the solutions provided include:

    Cash Management Systems

    This company provides proven technologies, thus increasing customer throughput in retail establishments, food markets and fast food restaurants. Advantages of using cash management systems from this company include faster service to your clients, business optimization, substantial reduction of cash differences, reducing bottlenecks, profit maximization and minimal mistakes. Other advantages include automated control of transactions, checking authenticity of bank notes, and protection against both internal and external theft, among others.

    IT Consulting

    If you are encountering problems when it comes to implementation of IT projects, then you are in the right place. The GmbH is ready to help you in all projects. With this company, your IT is in responsible hands. You will no longer have to worry whether deadlines will be met or your network issues. All that will be taken care of by the holistic solutions offered by this company.

    This company works with you to identify an appropriate solution to all your needs and concerns. The GmbH is a Cisco Premier Certified Partner. When you combine this with their many years of experience, you will have optimal solutions for all your concerns. If you have any issues related to IT services or solutions provided by the GmbH, feel free to reach out.

    Feedback Systems

    When it comes to implementation of effective measures in service, sales and product management, reliable customer knowledge is a requirement. What works in a certain region or city, might not apply in another area. This means that reliable and exact are required locally and daily. This is where the GmbH comes in.

    Overarching and classic customer surveys, which are usually conducted once per year, do not provide enough and reliable data for this purpose. The SERVICEMAX solution provided by the GmbH overcomes this dilemma. It provides accurate customer analyses, thus providing a solid background for the implementation of reliable and effective customer-oriented measures.

    Video Surveillance System

    Security is an important aspect of every business. However, you will not be spending 24 hours in your business, just to prevent thefts. That is why you need a quality video surveillance system. The GmbH offers two main types of video surveillance cameras, to give you peace of mind. These are the Hemispheric indoor camera and the Hemispheric camera. Both cameras provide high quality footage, of all the activities happening in your premises.