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  • Are There Different Kinds of Dash Cams?

    Are There Different Kinds of Dash Cams

    Dashboard cameras provide peace of mind and convenience on the road. They record and store footage. They also come with a wide range of useful features. In addition, they are very easy to use. If you have a dash cam installed in your car, it can record events during an accident or incident, and help to protect you from false claims. In fact, some insurers offer a significant amount of money from your insurance, if you have already installed one. There are different types of dash cams on the market, as are discussed below.

    1. Single-Lens Dash Cams

    Are There Different Kinds of Dash CamsWhen buying a dash camera, you will have to choose between single-lens and multiple lens dash cams. Single lens are the most common and basic type of dash cams. They usually record footage using a single lens camera, mostly mounted on the windscreen. They record happenings on the road ahead. One of the main benefits of single-lens dash cams is that you don’t have to hardwire them. They can easily be plugged into a 12V socket. Since they only have one camera, they can miss events happening behind the car or on the other side.

    1. Multiple-Lens Dash cams

    These have the ability of recording footage from several cameras simultaneously. This is made possible with the help of a forward-facing lens, which is normally mounted on the windscreen. Then there is a secondary lens, which is mounted on the rear windscreen. This one records events behind the car. This one can produce accurate footage when someone rams your car from behind. Unlike the single-lens dash cam, this one is quite complicated when it comes to setting up.

    1. Rear-View Mirror Style Dash Cams

    Rear-view mirror style dash cams are quite hard to identify on a car. They are easy to position securely over the rear view mirror. In addition, they come with all the features and functionalities provided by standalone dash cams. Due to their inconspicuous nature, you can leave your car unattended and chances of theft are minimal. Only a skilled person can identify this dash cam from outside.

    1. Action-Cam Style Dash Cams

    Are There Different Kinds of Dash CamsThese are perfect for those looking for battery-powered or waterproof dash cams. In most situations, they don’t need to be connected to a power source, since they come with inbuilt batteries. In addition, they are waterproof. Therefore, you can mount them outside your car, regardless of the weather condition. They can also be used to capture still images. Standard features include HDMI ports, in-built microphone, and external microphone jacks.

    1. Professional Dash Cams

    Just like their name suggests, these are professional grade dash cams, usually designed for commercial applications like fleet vehicles, delivery, taxi, or service works like plumbing. Price-wise, they are on the higher side. However, if you invest in these cameras, you will be rewarded with durability and quality performance. They provide an irrefutable footage of events happening around the car.

    Final Word

    There are different types of dash cams on the market. It all depends on user’s choices and preferences, as well as budget considerations. The most important thing is ensuring you choose one that will meet your needs.


  • Massage Chair Cleaning and Care

    Massage Chair Cleaning and Care

    Massage chairs provide relaxation and rest, at the convenience of your home. However, they are one of the most expensive items in a home. Furthermore, they are in frequent contact with our bodies, which means they are vulnerable to wear and tear. Most users believe their massage will retain a pristine condition even after prolonged use, similar to what they see in commercial establishments. However, they fail to realize that these establishments know how to maintain a massage chair properly. In fact, some of these establishments hire professionals. If you don’t have the means of hiring a professional, the following tips will keep your massage chair in great condition.

    Cleaning a Massage Chair

    Massage Chair Cleaning and CareGenerally, products with fabric or leather upholstery should be treated lightly using gentle cleaning products. However, most massage chairs these days are fitted with vinyl or synthetic leather upholstery, which can handle harsher chemicals. Apart from that, you don’t have to clean every part of your massage chair. In fact, maximum cleaning is only necessary in areas that are in direct contact with the hair and skin. These areas include neck, head and arms. To clean the massage chair, observe the following tips.

    – Check whether the upholstery is removable. Most products are fitted with removable upholstery. If that is the case, then you are in luck. You can easily isolate the affected areas and clean them properly after use.

    – Once you have removed the affected areas place them at a safe distance from the product. This precaution is necessary because some cleaning detergents may affect the mechanical parts leading to malfunction.

    – If your chair comes with a material that cannot withstand harsher chemicals, then you should use a mild detergent or dishwasher, to formulate a dilute solution. On the other hand, if the material is tough, then you can use harsher detergents or bleach occasionally. However, you should never use highly acidic solutions or acids. These can damage the upholstery while leading to fading. Apply the solution using barber’s spray bottle since it spreads the cleaning solution in over a large area in a short time.

    – Spray some soapy water over small sections of the upholstery, and then rub it dry with a slightly damp cloth. Don’t allow the soap to dry on the upholstery, since it will leave ugly spots while damaging the product in the long run.

    You can easily maintain a massage chair without spending too much of your time. To do this, simply take a damp cloth and then run it over the upholstery. However, you should note this is a temporary solution. You will eventually have to remove the parts if they are removable and clean them.

    Oiling a Massage Chair

    Products made of natural materials such as leather require regular oiling, to keep the material soft and prevent chaffing and cracking. There are numerous special oils on the market for that purpose. If your budget is not limiting, then you can also buy scented oil. Ensure you clean the surface first before applying any oil.

    Final Word

    As previously noted, massage chairs don’t come cheap. Therefore, if you want to keep them in great condition, then you must be ready to clean and maintain them regularly. With the above tips, you have a comprehensive solution on how to maintain your massage chair.