In-car technology has improved steadily over the last few years. Smartphone apps have made life much easier for car owners and drivers. Currently, you can find an app for almost everything during your time on the road. From getting around, finding parking to getting the best deals on gas prices, these smartphone apps will help you avoid the minor annoyances on the road.


Most gasoline sellers have apps to help drivers in locating their branded stores. These come in handy especially if you use credit cards. However, there are certain situations where you see cheap gas down the road, just after fueling from your preferred gas station. If you are one of those people looking for the cheapest gas, iGasUp is just what you need. This iPhone app displays the 10 closest stations as well as their fuel prices in real time. It uses the same pricing service supplying satellite companies and AAA.

My Max Speed

Best Apps for DriversWith this app, you can track your kid’s driving or even argue your way out when stopped for over speeding. This app logs location and speed after every 5 seconds. The data is available in a format that can be exported to a spreadsheet. This app serves two main purposes. First, it can help you to monitor your driving habits and even produce accurate data against speeding tickets. Secondly, it provides location history. It can also send a message to your phone, if your car travels outside the set location perimeter.


Trapster is one of the best apps when it comes to warnings about speed traps. It began almost ten years ago as free download and has remained that way. This app pinpoints red light cameras, speed cameras as well as live speed traps. It displays the traps as icons on the map. This application has more than 14 million users worldwide as well as hundreds of thousands of camera locations and traps in its database. It delivers voice alerts if you exceed a certain speed limit or when approaching traps.


Best Apps for DriversThis iPhone app produces real time readings of your driving style. You can then use this information to change your brake use and accelerator, to obtain the best in fuel economy. It is very efficient in breaking down energy usage based on different parameters like speeds, engine power, mechanical rolling resistance, and aerodynamic drag. It then displays oil consumption, energy cost as well as carbon dioxide output. This app does not use GPS, which means that must place your phone facing forward inside the car.


If you use a certain route often, then this app can help you to achieve the best in fuel efficiency. It works through Wi-Fi triangulation or a cell tower, to analyze your driving habits. It calculates how efficiently you have used your fuel, as well as fuel expenditure. However, for this to work, you have to enter the number of gallons used as well as the odometer reading. It then displays direction, speed, and distance.

Final Word

It is clear that there are more than enough apps to make your timae easy on the road. With these apps, you can identify problems before they develop while enhancing fuel efficiency. However, ensure your eyes are on the road and not on the phone when driving.